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The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel

Welcome to The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel – your personal invitation to a world of hormone health, sustainable weight loss, holistic well-being, and embracing life's stages with a big old dose of vitality and confidence.

Feb 27, 2020

Kim Vopni is a self professed pelvic health evangelist and is known as The Vagina Coach. She is a certified fitness professional who became passionate about spreading information on pelvic health when she was pregnant with her first child. She is a published author, a passionate speaker and women’s health educator as well as a mom to two boys.

In this episode;

  • Urinary incontinence and how to heal it
  • Incontinence is not something you need to accept as 'normal' just because you have had a baby or because you are getting older.
  • How to get a buffy muffy.
  • How to properly do kegels as they are often prescribed but seldom taught and as a result most women are doing them incorrectly.
  • How a strong pelvic floor
  • How these exercises can improve core strength and achieve a flatter midsection. and more!

Find Kim at: Kim Vopni

Karen Martel is a transformational nutrition coach who specializes in women's hormone health, weight loss and primal based diets.
She is the founder of the OnTrack program for women. OnTrack helps women optimize their weight loss results and balance their hormones.
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