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The Other Side of Weight Loss

Get valuable and inspiring information that has the potential to not only radically change your health and weight, but you as well.

Karen Martel Transformational Nutrition Coach weight loss & hormone expert covers all things women's health including weight loss, hormone health, digestion, happiness, stress management and living in tune with your body!

May 14, 2022

Mollie McGlocklin is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. Sleep Is A Skill is a company that optimizes people’s sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change. After navigating insomnia while traveling internationally, she created what she...

May 7, 2022

In this episode, I interview my mom! We have a candid conversation about our eating disorders. How we grew up with no money and what my mom did to survive and raise her 3 daughters. How she found the strength to face her fears in life. What she did to overcome her eating disorders and what she still struggles with...

Apr 30, 2022

Dr. Seema Kanwal, Naturopathic doctor and speaker, was voted one of Vancouver’s top 10 Naturopathic doctors on Rate MD Dr. Kanwal has been a practicing naturopathic doctor in Vancouver since 2006 and is the only Naturopathic doctor trained in Canada in the Apo E Gene diet.

She has extensive experience with and is...

Apr 23, 2022

One of the most common things to happen in perimenopause is changes to your periods and normal period cycle, including heavier bleeding or irregular periods, which can begin happening as early as your 30s. 

Hysterectomies are routinely performed on women to solve abnormal, and heavy periods during this time. Yet women...

Apr 16, 2022

Danielle Hamilton is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Restorative Wellness Practitioner who specializes in blood sugar regulation & digestion. She became interested in blood sugar issues when she learned that Insulin Resistance was at the root of her PCOS.

She was able to reverse her PCOS, cystic acne,...