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The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel

Welcome to The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel – your personal invitation to a world of hormone health, sustainable weight loss, holistic well-being, and embracing life's stages with a big old dose of vitality and confidence.

Dec 3, 2022

Q&A with Karen


Hello, I have had hair loss, Hashimotos since 50yrs on thyroid medication t4. I tried supplements with vitamin b complex but my hair is very thin and has no shine. I have increased my protein intake. What else can I do?


What are the options if testosterone is low but taking it (BHRT cream) causes facial breakouts? My Dutch showed my a/b very slightly to the androgen side. Thank you, Karen!


Hi Karen- I love your show and all that you do! I am really having trouble with progesterone. I've tried it in every form- pill, cream and now suppository, but I'm still getting very bad side effects (acne, bloating, alternating between anger and crying, heartburn). I am on estrogen replacement so I know I need progesterone, but I really hate it. My gut is fine (I've had all the tests) so it is not that--my body just really hates progesterone. The dose is still low (100 mg/day)- I was on a lower dose but had to have a D & C because it wasn't enough to balance the estrogen. What can I do to help my body adjust? Will these symptoms ever go away? Also, I know you recommend taking it only 2 weeks/month, but my doctor says I need to take it every day (otherwise, I get a period every 2 weeks). I have been to several doctors (including Dr. Gersh) and no one can figure it out. Please help! Thank you so much!

Kathy H

Hi Karen! Enjoy your podcast and personality. Learn a lot each time. Wanting to know your opinions on best delivery method of Estradiol—patch, gel, troche? Have definitely ruled out pellets. My age is 55 and recently transitioned into menopause. Thank you!


Good morning Karen, your podcast popped up on my Spotify the other day and I was thinking… interesting…I have no idea about my hormones ….I just know that my hair is thinning, I’ve got 49 extra pounds on, muffin top, swollen ankles , aches and pains… hormone therapy required??? I’ve done the weight loss programs out there including keto….taken supplements from health food store and purchase from doTerra… I will say that for the past two weeks I have been doing an exercise video from YouTube… 15-30 min depending on how stiff I am, I’m also an early riser 5:30…. I think that’s it lol covered from head to toe lol …. I have listened to your podcast and so far so good ! I will be honest with you I am financially strapped, single and in my own … honestly, no reason to be overweight and sluggish…. I don’t have to cook for anyone but me… I’ve given up flour products, root vegetables, and alcohol, I do not smoke ….I think that’s it for now…lol definitely open for suggestions!! Thanks 🙏 Beverly


With bio-identical HRT in Menopause, is it important to follow the cyclic rhythm of your period, even though you no longer have one by increasing estradiol mid-cycle and stopping only progesterone the last week?


Can you talk about uterine fibroids: causes, cures (beside surgery), dietary help, anything that can shed light on this mystery that millions of women suffer from...? I am 44 and have 5 fibroids the size of lemons. Because of their position, they can only be removed by taking out the entire uterus. I would really like to avoid surgery! My doctor says the only other thing I can do is go on the pill to help with symptoms. I absolutely do not want to go on the pill! Thank you for your help!


I was wondering exactly how often I should use my progesterone cream. I started out using it every day and then went to every other week. But I think I heard you say it should be used no more often than every 2 weeks??? I use estradiol cream every day.


I am 45 and in perimenopause. I’m hearing a lot about leptin and how circadian rhythm influences your hormones. They are suggesting you eat within 30 minutes of getting up? Do you agree with that? (I have to get up at 5:00 every day)! I currently get up at 5:00, have a coffee with nutpods, exercise (yoga or low impact with dumbbells) and eat around 10:30-11, after I get the kids to school and get into the office. Thanks for all you do Karen! I am learning so much!


What is the best way to naturally boost testosterone levels for a 44 yo cycling woman, who is lean and exercises regularly (both resistance training and mainly walking, yoga, barre..)?


What is the best form of birth control if you have to take it? 

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Karen Martel, Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach and weight loss expert. 


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