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The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel

Welcome to The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel – your personal invitation to a world of hormone health, sustainable weight loss, holistic well-being, and embracing life's stages with a big old dose of vitality and confidence.

Jan 8, 2022

Join me for an amazing eye opening conversation with menopause expert Dana Lawson and fitness guru Pam Sherman.

In part one of this round table talk we discuss why New Year resolutions don't work and what to do instead. The pro's and con's of calorie counting. Should you count your steps and does it help us to lose weight? Best exercise for women as we age. Why you must deal with past traumas in order to lose weight and have optimal health. The one macro that will make the biggest difference in your attempts to lose weight. Plus hear about our own personal experiences with healing and weight loss.  

Dana is a menopause coach on a mission to help you get off of the emotional rollercoaster, balance your hormones, and connect with your body in a way that you have not experienced before. My programs provide the tools, resources, and support you need to become symptom-free. Register for Dana's free gift "How To Tame The Menopause Dragon" workshop.

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Pam has been a coach for 24+ years, starting as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.  After struggling with her own weight Pam started strength training in 2014 and has never looked back. The Perfect Balance - Lose Weight, Gain Confidence

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Karen Martel, Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach and weight loss expert. 


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