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The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel

Welcome to The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel – your personal invitation to a world of hormone health, sustainable weight loss, holistic well-being, and embracing life's stages with a big old dose of vitality and confidence.

Jun 20, 2019

Jennifer Ludington is a recovering exercise and physique addict who is now a Fitness and healthy lifestyle coach. After battling years of over-exercising, eating disorders and obsessions, she understands first hand how you can break free and transform your fitness and health to become more than just your BODY.

Jennifers goal is to help empower and guide women through transparent, honest, and real-life fitness.

In this episode;

  • The importance of NOT falling into the trap of trying to look a way that isn't normal for your body.
  • Self-sabotage and the real reason we get sidetracked.
  • Slaying your dragons or uncovering the past emotional traumas that keep us from losing weight.
  • Finding your why to help you radically change.
  • How to begin a tough transformation.
  • and much more!

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Karen Martel, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and weight loss expert. 


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