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The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel

Welcome to The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel – your personal invitation to a world of hormone health, sustainable weight loss, holistic well-being, and embracing life's stages with a big old dose of vitality and confidence.

Dec 2, 2023

This week we’re tackling the misconceptions around health and weight loss, and exploring sustainable ways to achieve wellness goals. I’ll tell you some practical tips to debunk dieting and exercise myths, and emphasize the importance of positive thinking while addressing the danger of self-sabotage. It’s time to face your own excuses, adopt healthier habits, and embark on a successful journey towards wellness.

In this episode:

  • How our own deceptions can impede our wellness goals and the need for self-awareness.
  • Why the “on/off” diet mentality can hinder long-term health and weight loss success.
  • How to harness personal strengths and resources for sustainable health and weight loss.
  • How to debunk dieting and exercise myths for personalized fitness and eating habits.
  • Why it's important to steer clear of harmful diet fads that cause yo-yo weight loss and gain.
  • The role of positive thinking in achieving wellness goals and the potential dangers of self-sabotage.
  • How to combat negative self-talk and adopt a long-term mindset for wellness.
  • Why it's important to explore and address the root causes of overeating, rather than relying on strict diet rules.
  • The necessity of setting realistic and achievable goals for sustainable weight loss.
  • Why removing tempting foods from our homes can help curb overeating.
  • How exploring various forms of exercise can help find enjoyable physical activities.
  • The importance of finding balance in diet and not restricting to extreme measures.
  • How negative thoughts can impact our weight loss journey and strategies to combat them.
  • The importance of honesty and self-awareness in recognizing self-deception and its impact on wellness.


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Karen Martel, Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach and weight loss expert.


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