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The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel

Welcome to The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel – your personal invitation to a world of hormone health, sustainable weight loss, holistic well-being, and embracing life's stages with a big old dose of vitality and confidence.

Feb 18, 2023

Join host Karen as she sits down with two of her favorite women, Danielle Daem and Danielle Hamilton, for a roundtable discussion on the wild world of sugar addiction.

In this episode, we answer listeners' questions on all things sugar! 

  • What are your fav supplements to help with insulin resistance?

  • I know I shouldn’t be eating junk but it keeps sneaking back into my life. Where should I even start?

  • Common advice I hear is, “listen to your body.” How can I know if I can even trust what my body is telling me?

  • How does one best manage their hormones when heading into the perimenopausal state as it relates to blood sugar regulation?

  • I’m terrified of feeling my emotions and don’t even know where to start. How do I navigate the emotional work without falling apart?

  • How do I discover what’s really at the root of my addiction to sugar?

  • Dani H. Is eating whole fruits (dried or fresh) going to cause insulin resistance the same way that sugar or sweets or breads etc... will? Also, what would the best options be when someone wants a little something sweet?

  • My blood sugar is usually around 108-120 in the morning after waking up.  I want to get it below 100. I do not want diabetes. I know I have insulin resistance issues. I am post menopausal. I  take excellent blood sugar supplements and exercise. I eat healthy and have been trying more plant based eating, always with a lot of vegetables. I still have meat once in a while. What is the best way to bring this number down in the morning and stay more balanced throughout the day? My father is diabetic and I do not want to end up there. Thank you!

  • 44 years old. Fasting blood sugar is never good— always 100-115 in the morning (7am-noon) no matter if I ate at 11pm or hadn’t eaten for 18 hours and no matter how little or much sugar I ate. 

    Thyroid labs all normal, but many symptoms of hypothyroid- weight gain, fatigue especially. Chicken or the egg here? Thyroid causing issues with blood sugar or blood sugar causing issues with thyroid? Or something else completely? Nothing seems to move the needle on either except thyroid speeding up if things move toward the hyper side of range or just out… but not sure what made that happen in the first place. Losing hope and money trying to stop this and heal since labs are in range- western med drs are useless. It’s in my head, right, hah.  Holistic drs have only helped me with parts of healing (no more mold, candida, etc), but no one can solve the weight and exhaustion issue. I live a very clean lifestyle in terms of food and products and air/water. 

    Danielle Daem is a Sugar Freedom Expert & Somatic Embodiment Coach who is passionate about helping women heal their relationship with sugar and themselves so they can reclaim control over their health and energy once and for all! Using her extensive knowledge in nutrition, somatic healing, trauma, and personal coaching, Dani helps her clients discover a new way of living in which sugar cravings and guilt no longer controls their health and life. Her root cause approach to addiction understands that our relationship with food ultimately stems from our relationship with ourselves. Danielle is the creator of the Break Free From Sugar Program and the host of the top-rated “Beyond Sugar Freedom Podcast” where she dives deep into conversations about the root causes of sugar dependency and total body health and wellness.

    Danielle Hamilton is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Restorative Wellness Practitioner who specializes in blood sugar regulation & digestion. She became interested in blood sugar issues when she learned that Insulin Resistance was at the root of her PCOS. She was able to reverse her PCOS, cystic acne, PMS & weight loss resistance by reversing Insulin Resistance. Her mission is to help others learn to heal themselves by uncovering and addressing their blood sugar & insulin issues (as most people don't know the early signs), as well as help them optimize digestion for low-carb diets. Dani promotes a holistic approach to reversing Insulin Resistance which goes beyond just changing macros. She is the host of the Unlock the Sugar Shackles Podcast and the creator of the Blood Sugar Mastery Program.

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    Karen Martel, Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach and weight loss expert. 


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