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The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel

Welcome to The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel – your personal invitation to a world of hormone health, sustainable weight loss, holistic well-being, and embracing life's stages with a big old dose of vitality and confidence.

Aug 13, 2022

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Hi, Karen. I am 44 and peri menopausal. My periods are all over the place. I’ll go 50+ days with no cycle and then start my cycle. Recently I had a full cycle for 7 days. It got lighter towards the end. Then 5 days later I started my cycle again and had another full period. I take progesterone cream every 14 days and also testosterone injections every 4 days. I do feel great but the fluctuations in my cycle are frustrating. I do know this is just part of peri. My doctor said I may want to take progesterone every day for a while until my cycle is regulated. What do you think about this? Will using BioIdentical HRT prevent menopause or is it to help ease the symptoms of menopause? I have a friend whose doctor is trying to use HRT to push her thru menopause quickly.


Hi, I was diagnosed a year ago with Endometrial hyperplasia (without atypia) which has been under control using natural micronized progesterone pills (200mg) daily. Throughout the several past few years I’ve been having simple cysts in my ovaries that appear and go away by themselves but last April a mammogram was done on both my breasts and since then I’ve been having pain in my left breast on the left side of my nipple. An ultrasound was done twice after the mammography to check the health of my breasts and to try to know the source of the pain but nothing was seen except “Fibroadenosis” in both breasts. I have done some research and found that vitamin E and iodine can help in treating Fibroadenosis but I don’t want to self-medicate as I know that iodine could affect the thyroid gland. I would like to try both iodine and vitamin E in doses that are monitored by a specialist.


When in full menopause should we be using both progesterone and estradiol cream?


I'm wondering about BHRT testosterone for menopausal women (approx 50-60yr old). I feel like I don't hear as much from experts on Testosterone for women. What is the optimal blood lab? Will it convert down the path into estrogen? Can I take it every day of the month? Better to take DHEA instead and let it convert to testosterone? 


Okay my question is what do I eat to help with the immune system disease and inflammation to lose weight and yes I do have a leaky gut my cholesterol is high the other one is low my ferritin is high lupus is high


Hello! What causes weight fluctuations? I have hypothyroidism but am starting to think these weight fluctuations aren’t thyroid related. I can be as much as 10 pounds heavier or lighter from day to day. I hate it!

Over heard that HRT won't work if you're over 10 years menopausal. Is that true?

Hi Karen! I have been dealing with hypothyroidism for over two years now, when first diagnosed my doc put me on 100mcg of Synthroid and reluctantly on 25 mcg of Cytomel. This seemed to work for me quite fast as I was able to lose about ten pounds without effort for the first time in my life! Fast forward one full year I gained that ten back and MORE over the span of two weeks this past January. Since the weight gain, I was able to find a provider to prescribe t3 only as I feel like I may have had a reverse t3 problem.. but as you know, I’m Canada they will not test. Since t3 only I feel better but still can’t lose this stubborn weight I put on and it’s really messing with me mentally. Any advice? Ps. I don’t have insulin resistance. 


I am 51 and have been without a period for 4 months. My estrogen is very low and I am having all the symptoms, the worst being anxiety, fog and flashes. I've been to my doctor to get his suggestions. I have also been listening to you for a while now and love your information and podcasts. I just started taking progesterone. I have activated protein C deficiency - a hereditary clotting disorder on my father's side and my mother had breast Ca at 36 (she is still alive and well) Is taking some form of estrogen out of the question for me? Thanks for your help and all you do to help women! I am fortunate to come across your podcast Natalie (Regina SK)


I need help with weight loss and sex drive!!

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