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The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel

Welcome to The Hormone Solution Podcast with Karen Martel – your personal invitation to a world of hormone health, sustainable weight loss, holistic well-being, and embracing life's stages with a big old dose of vitality and confidence.

Jul 23, 2020

1. What is a good source of progesterone and estriol to buy in Canada. (I get into the different ways you can buy hormones in the States and Canada.)

2. I just heard a keto educator say that women with thyroid issues should not eat too many cruciferous vegetables. I haven't heard this before. What do you think about this? 

3. I listened to your interview with Kate Deering who talked with you about eating more carbs. I've been on a very low carb diet. That talk made me think I should be adding more carbs, even as a diabetic. They do tend to make me gain weight, but maybe I should get my body more used to them. What do you think? 

4. Does a person have to do keto or carb cycle when their hormones aren’t functioning properly? Does cutting out things like gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs etc (intolerance foods) help speed up the healing? Or is it unnecessary?

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